FDA Notices of Judgment Collection, 1908-1966


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473. 24669. Adulteration of tincture of digitalis and tincture of belladonna leaves ; misbranding of elixir pepsin, bismuth and strychnia, and wine ergot; and adulteration and misbranding of tincture of strophanthus, fluidextract of hyoscyamus, fluidextract of colchicum seed, tincture of hyoscyamus, elixir of digitalin compound, and tincture of colchicum seed. U. S. v. Four 16-Ounce Bottles of Tincture Strophanthus, et al. Default decrees of condemnation and destruction.

485. 25104. Adulteration and misbranding of fluidextract of cinchona compound, detannated; fluidextract of cinchona, detannated; fluidextract of conium fruit; fluidextract of ipecac; elixir of aloin, belladonna, and strychnia; elixir of calisaya bark, iron, bismuth, and strychnia; elixir of bismuth and hydrastia; Elixir Anti-Malarial; elixir of calisaya, iron, and strychnine; and adulteration of tincture of ipecac. U. S. v. 6 Bottles and 12 Bottles of Fluid Extract Cinchona Comp., Detannated, and 9 other libel proceedings with respect to various other drugs. Default decrees of condemnation, forfeiture, and destruction in each case.

487. 25128. Adulteration and misbranding of elixir of pepsin, bismuth, and nux vomica; elixir of lactated pepsin with calisaya and hydrastis; elixir of calisaya, iron, pepsin and strychnine; elixir of pepsin and bismuth; elixir of lactated pepsin with bismuth; elixir of lactated pepsin and calisaya; elixir of lactated pepsin with bismuth, and strychnia; and adulteration of glycerite of pepsin. U. S. v. 8 Bottles of Elixir of Pepsin, Bismuth and Nux Vomica (and other cases). Default decrees of condemnation and destruction.