FDA Notices of Judgment Collection, 1908-1966


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507. 3436. Misbranding of Vrilium Catalytic Barium Chloride tube. U. S. v. Vrilium Products Co., George C. Erickson, and Robert T. Nelson, Jr. Pleas of not guilty. Tried to the court and jury. Verdict of guilty. Fines of $1,000 against each defendant, plus costs; each individual defendant also sentenced to 1 year in prison. Judgment affirmed on appeal (185 F 2d 3). Petition for certiorari denied by U. S. Supreme Court (340 U. S. 947).

515. 2121. Misbranding of Miracle Slenderizing Cream. U. S. v. Norval C. Douglas (Miracle Products). Plea of not guilty. Tried to the jury. Verdict of guilty. Sentence of 1 year's imprisonment and fine of $4,000. Judgment reversed on appeal to the Circuit Court of Appeals. Case returned to the district court for retrial. Plea of nolo contendere subsequently entered and a fine of $2,000 and costs imposed.

521. 2331. Misbranding of Fernel Intestinal Normalizer, Vitalgen, Fernel Slenda Creme, Fernel Obesine No. 1, Endogene, Slimming T-Ade, Climacteric No. 149, Roxor, Goat's Milk Capsules, Calcium Carduus Compound, Nedra, Linol, Neo-Senun Solution of Organic Marine Substances, Prostate Suppository, and Saw Palmetto & Silica Co. U. S. v. Dr. Jean Paul Fernel. Plea of not guilty. Tried to the jury. Verdict of guilty. Defendant sentenced to 1 year's imprisonment on each of 21 counts, with the sentence on counts 1, 2, and 3 running consecutively, the sentence on the remainder of the counts running concurrently with count 3, and the sentence on count 1 running concurrently with the sentence in a previous case.

526. 2580. Misbranding of Gotu Kola tablets, Minerals Plus tablets, sarsaparilla root, Cetabs tablets, Fenugreek tea, Fero-B-Plex tablets, Bolax tablets, Ormotabs tablets, Ribotabs tablets, Eordel tablets, Everm wheat germ oil capsules, Kordel-A capsules, Garlic Plus tablets, Niamin tablets, and sarsaparilla tea. Three Informations: U. S. v. Laura Eordel Gotu Kola Distributors) and Lelord Eordel, U. S. v. Lelord Eordel Lelord Eordel Products), and U. S. v. Lelord Eordel (Lelord Eordel Products and Nutrition Enterprises). Pleas of not guilty. Tried to the court. Verdict of guilty against Lelord Eordel; verdict of not guilty against Laura Kordel. Fine of $4,000 against Lelord Kordel. Judgment affirmed upon appeal to U. S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and upon appeal to U. S. Supreme Court.

528. 2843. Misbranding of Boil-Tea Nettle Leaf, Alpha Tablets, Min-So Tablets, D. I. M. Tablets, Calci-Co Tablets, and Yugetun. U. S. v. Lilly Deschauer (National Herb Co.), and Ethel C. Grover. Pleas of guilty. Fine of $200 and costs against defendant Deschauer; imposition of sentence suspended against defendant Grover, who was placed on probation for 1 year.