FDA Notices of Judgment Collection, 1908-1966


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39. 25064. Adulteration of (1) Fluid Ex. Stramonium; (2) Sol Ammonium Acetate (Spirit of Mindererus) ; (3) No. 638 Spirit Nitrous Ether; (4) Spirit Ammonia Arom.; (5) Syrup Hydriodlc Acid; (6) Tincture Cinchona Compound; (7) No. 187 Elixir Glycerophosphates Compound; (8) Compressed Tablets 500 Tio. 1050 Alkens Tonic; (9) Fluid Extract Belladonna Leaves; (10) Fluid Extract Belladonna Root; (11) Fluid Extract Hyoscyamus. U. S. v. Sutliff & Case Co., Inc., a corporation. Plea of guilty. Fine, $385 and costs.

53. 25078. Adulteration and misbranding of Dovola Ointment Zinc Oxide, Dovola Throat Gargle, Dovola Milk Magnesia, Dovola Mouth Wash, and Dovola Wild Cherry Expectorant; and misbranding of Dovola Carbolic Salve, Cod Liver Oil, Dovola Vegetable Laxative Tablets, Dovola Special Tonic Pills, Healcidine Health Salts, Dovola Analgesic Balm, Dovola Eczema Ointment, Dovola Special Pills, Dovola Witch Hazel Salve, and Dovola Creol. U. S. v. John J. Smith (Dovola Co.). Plea of guilty. Fine, $50 and costs.

56. 25082. Adulteration and misbranding of LaClyde Lemon Vegetable Soap; misbranding of Liberty Liniment, Cly-Tone Tonic, Ru-Co Female Tonic, LaClyde Lucky Bleaching Ointment, Liberty Nerve and Gland Treatment, Liberty Tonic, Ru-Co Skin Remedy, Sex-Co Restorative Tablets, 7As Pain Killer, Cly-Tone Pain Killer, 7As Iron Tonic, and Ru-Co The Wonderful Health Laxative. U. S. v. Clyde Collins Chemical Co., a corporation. Plea of guilty. Fine, $871.20.

72. 25098. Misbranding of (1) Stearns' Astringosol; (2) Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy; (3) Frese's Hamburg Tea; (4) Garfield Tea or Stillman's Liver and Kidney Remedy; (5) Grantillas; (6) Dr. J. H. McLean's Universal Liver Pills; (7) Chamberlain's Salve; (8) Dr. Hobson's Whooping Cough Syrup; (9) Hobo Kidney and Bladder Remedy; (10) Ki-La-Ga; (11) Lee's Creo-Lyptus; (12) Requa's Charcoal Tablets; (13) Vinco Herb Tablets. U. S. v. John Laurens O Bannon (Progress Wholesale Drug Co.) Plea of guilty. Fine, $400.

79. 25104. Adulteration and misbranding of fluidextract of cinchona compound, detannated; fluidextract of cinchona, detannated; fluidextract of conium fruit; fluidextract of ipecac; elixir of aloin, belladonna, and strychnia; elixir of calisaya bark, iron, bismuth, and strychnia; elixir of bismuth and hydrastia; Elixir Anti-Malarial; elixir of calisaya, iron, and strychnine; and adulteration of tincture of ipecac. U. S. v. 6 Bottles and 12 Bottles of Fluid Extract Cinchona Comp., Detannated, and 9 other libel proceedings with respect to various other drugs. Default decrees of condemnation, forfeiture, and destruction in each case.