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9. 756. Adulteration of triple distilled water and sterile solution of epinephrine chloride; misbranding of Suppletive Formula No. 1, Sterile Supportive Formula S. G. M. a., Sterile Solution Formula No. 1, Compressed Tablets No. 358, and Compressed Tablets Thyroid; adulteration and misbranding of Neohormestrin, solution of quinine and urea hydrochloride, quinine sulfate tablets, and sterile solution of ovarian extract. U. S. v. E. S. Miller Laboratories, Inc. Plea of nolo contendere. Fine, $75 on each of 4 counts. Imposition of sentence suspended on remaining counts and defendant placed on probation for 1 year.

14. 761. Misbranding of laxative cold tablets and Rx S36S230 Pills. Adulteration and misbranding of epinephrine tablets for hypodermic use. U. S. v. 84 Bottles of Laxative Cold Tablets, 14,800 Rx S368230 Pills, and 2,045 Tubes and 6,040 Packages of Hypodermic Tablets. Default decrees ordering destruction of laxative cold tablets, pills, and portion of hypodermic tablets. Consent decree of condemnation ordering portion of hypodermic tablets released under bond to be brought into compliance with the law.

28. 775. Adulteration and misbranding of sodium cacodylate solution, alkaline compound powder, calcium gluconate compound solution, diuretic powder canine worm tablets, liquid nux vomica alkaloids, and tonic powder; and misbranding of Aresnol Compound Powder, glucose solution, potassium arsenite compound tablets, santonin-calomel tablets, Gualadine Tablets, Conjunctivities #1 Tablets, and tetrachlorethylene capsules. U. S. v. Peerles Serum Co. Plea of guilty. Fine, $105 and costs.

82. 829. Misbranding of Alberty Food, Instant Alberty Food, Alberty's Vegetable Compound) Alberty's Ca-Mo Pellets, Alberty's Phosphate Pellets, Alberty's Lebara Pellets, Alberty's Laxative Blend, Cheno Herb Tea, Cneno Combination Tablets, and Cheno Preparation of Phytolacca Berry Juice. U. S. v. 12 Packages of Alberty's Food (assorted sizes and various packages of similar products). Tried to the court without a jury. Judgment for the Government. Decree of condemnation and destruction.