FDA Notices of Judgment Collection, 1908-1966


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10. 26735. Misbranding of Solution of Genuine Doyle Chlorinometer Gas, Universal Brand Pain Expeller, Universal Brand Liniment, Laxative Cold and Grippe Breakers, Dr. Hobb's Sparagrus Kidney Pills, Prof. Hoff's Prescription, Eilert's Daylight Family Liver Pills, Kalamazoo Celery Nervine Blood and Liver Pills or Dunkley's "Celerytone" Pills, Dr. Hobb's Nerve Tonic Pills, Knlll's Black Diarrhea "Blackberry Compound" Pills, Dr. John W. Bull's Celebrated Pills, Dexter Ointment, Schuh's Home Made Anti-Bilious Stomach and Liver Pills, and Colorado Cough and Catarrh Root. U. S. v. Chicago Drug Sales, Inc., and Max B. Decker. Pleas of guilty. Fine, $25.

11. 26736. Misbranding of Erie Drug Co. Croup and Pneumonia Salve, Palmer's Compound Carbolic Salve, Sterling Vapor and Rubbing Salve, Sterling Aromatic St. Ammonia, Quinlax Laxative Quinine Tablets, Dr. Doll's Root and Herb Tea, Solvuric Buchu and Juniper Comp. Pills, Sterling Comp. Extract Smartweed, Burn Ease for Sunburn, and White Pine Cough Syrup; adulteration and misbranding of Sterling Antiseptic Solution and Erie Drug Co. Vanillo. U. S. v. Erie Drug Co. Plea of guilty. Fine, $50 and costs.

51. 26776. Adulteration and misbranding of glycerin, arsenic trioxide, phenol crystals, sodium borate powder, powdered borax, aromatic spirit of ammonia, sodium biphosphate, zinc oxide, liquor cresolis compositus, and lemon extract. Misbranding of vanilla extract, syrup of hypophosphites, hydrogen peroxide solution, oil of cottonseed, and Good's Dog Soap. U. S. v. James Good, Inc., and John J. Cram. Pleas of nolo contendere. Judgments of guilty. James Good, Inc., fined $300. John J. Cram given suspended sentence and placed on probation.

61. 26786. Misbranding of Sweet's Cough Balsam and Sweet's Rheumatic Remedy. U. S. v. The Sweet Manufacturing Co., Inc., Dominick Sweet, and L. Ellis Glasgow. Pleas of nolo contendere on three of the four counts of the information, and pleas of guilty on the remaining count, by the Sweet Manufacturing Co., Inc., and Dominick Sweet; plea of guilty on all four counts by L. Ellis Glasgow. The Sweet Manufacturing Co. fined $100 and costs; Dominick Sweet and L. Ellis Glasgow each fined $25 and placed on probation for 1 year.

82. 26807. Misbranding of Steketee's Drops For The Treatment of Neuralgia Rheumatism, Steketee's Tablets For The Treatment of Worms, Steketee's Powders For The Treatment of Worms, and Steketee's Syrup For The Treatment of Worms. U. S. v. 59 Bottles of Steketee's Drops For The Treatment of Neuralgia Rheumatism, 50 Packages of Steketee's Tablets For The Treatment of Worms, 72 Packages of Steketee's Powders per The Treatment of Worms, and 34 Bottles of Steketee's Syrup For The Treatment of Worms. Default decree of condemnation and destruction.