FDA Notices of Judgment Collection, 1908-1966


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1. 3841. Misbranding of pentobarbital sodium capsules, sulfathiazole tablets, and penicillin tablets, and conspiracy to violate the laws of the United States. U. S. v. L. Samuel Eilbee (Imperial Pharmacy), John S. Bernreuter, Irvin M. Seay, and Roosevelt F. Mills. Pleas of nolo contendere by L. Samuel Eilbee, John S. Bernreuter, and Irvin M. Seay, and plea of not guilty by Roosevelt F. Mills. L. Samuel Eilbee fined $500 and John S. Bernreuter and Irvin M. Seay each fined $100. Roosevelt F. Mills tried to a jury; verdict of guilty on 2 counts charging aiding and abetting viola- tion of Section 301 (k) and verdict of not guilty on 1 count charging conspiracy to violate the laws of the United States; fine, $300.

15. 3855. Misbranding of amphetamine citrate tablets, pentobarbital sodium capsules, and apiol and ergot. U. S. v. Charles Pizinger and Donald White. Pleas of nolo contendere. Defendant Pizinger fined $1,500, plus costs, and placed on probation for 3 years; Defendant White fined $500 and placed also on probation for 3 years.

16. 3856. Misbranding of apiol and ergot capsules, dextro-amphetamine sulfate tablets, methamphetamine hydrochloride tablets, capsules of pentobarbital sodium and aspirin, and methyltestosterone tablets. U. S. v. Clarence L. Fedler (Fedler's Pharmacy), and Ollie Gilmer. Pleas of nolo contendere. Fine of $300 against Defendant Fedler and $50 against Defend- ant Gilmer.

17. 3857. Misbranding of methyltestosterone tablets, dextro-amphetamine sulfate tablets, thyroid tablets, tablets of phenobarbital and mannitol hexani- trate, and capsules of pentobarbital sodium and aspirin. U. S. v. A-B Drug Co., a partnership, and Calvin Bigley and John R. Burns. Pleas of nolo contendere. Partnership fined $240; Calvin Bigley, $15; and John R. Burns, $45.