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16. 1011. Misbranding of Speagolax, Hunt's Salve, Triple-X Medicine, Booth's Balm, Booth's Pills, Liver-Cure, Fem-Re-Ills, Targosine, Jew David's or Hebrew Plaster, B. P. Stomach and Intestinal Corrective, Irogen, and Colonex Tablets; and adulteration and misbranding of Tansy. U. S. v. Allen Dobson and Matt H. Dobson, Jr. (Dobson & Co.). Pleas of nolo contendere. Fine, $150 against each defendant.

39. 1032. Adulteration and misbranding of firstaid dressings and bandages, compresses, and adulteration of gauze bandages. U. S. v. 60 Cases and 38,100 Cartons of First Aid Dressings, 40,000 and 8,000 Packages of Bandage Compresses, and 651 Dozen Packages of Gauze Bandages. Decrees of condemnation. A portion of the bandage compresses and all of the other products ordered released under bond for reprocessing; remainder of the bandage compresses ordered delivered to the Food and Drug Administration.

40. 1033. Adulteration and misbranding of gauze bandages and first aid, treated strips, and misbranding of Tip Top gauze and Chatham bandage. U. S. v. 6 2/3 Gross Packages and 162 Dozen Boxes of Gauze Bandages, 48 Cartons of First-Aid Treated Strips, 1,983 Dozen Packages of Tip Top Gauze, and 176 Dozen Packages of Chatham Bandage. Decrees of condemnation. Tip Top Gauze, Chatham Bandage, and a portion of the gauze bandages ordered released under bond for sterilization; first aid, treated strips and remainder of gauze bandages ordered destroyed.

48. 1040. Misbranding of Colusa Natural Oil, Colusa Natural Oil Capsules, and Colusa Natural Oil Hemorrhoid Ointment. U. S. v. Empire Oil & Gas Corporation and Chester Walker Colgrove (Colusa Products Co.) Pleas of not guilty. Tried to a jury. Verdict of guilty. Fine of $500 and 6 months in jail imposed against individual defendant on each of the 3 counts, the jail sentences to run concurrently and terminate upon payment of fine. Corporate defendant fined $3. Fines deposited in escrow and appeal noted. Judgment reversed by appellate court and case remanded for retrial. Pleas of nolo contendere thereafter entered. Defendants given same sentences as those originally imposed.